University Established by Government of Chhattisgarh Vide Act 24 of  2004
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Chancellor [ (Hon'ble Governor of Chhattisgarh)]



छत्तीसगढ़ की राज्यपाल
माननीया सुश्री अनुसुईया उइके का जीवन परिचय

नाम:  सुश्री अनुसुईया उइके 

पिता का नाम: स्वर्गीय श्री लखनलाल जी उइके

जन्म तारीख: 10 अप्रैल 1957 ग्राम रोहनाकला जिला छिदवाड़ा म0प्र0 -- See MORE--

Executive Council  [Executive Council is the top most executive committee of the University. ]  
The present members  of the Executive Council
1.  Chairman  :   Prof. Baldeo Bhai Sharma (Vice Chancellor) 6.  Member    :  Secretary,  Dept. of  Finance Govt. of  CG
2.  Member    :  Shri Dhanendra Sahu (MLA) 7.  Member    :  Secretary,  Dept. of  HE Govt. of  CG
3.  Member    :  Shri Kuldeep Juneja (MLA) 8.  Member Secretary  :  Dr. Anand Shankar Bahadur  (Registrar) 
4.  Member    :  Smt. Anita Yogendra Sharma (MLA)  
5.  Member    :  Secretary,  Dept. of  PR  Govt. of  CG  
Academic Council  
1.  Chairman  :  Prof. Baldeo Bhai Sharma (Vice Chancellor) 6. Member   : Shri Pankaj Nayan Pandey  
2.  Member    :            -- 7.  Member : Shri Ashutosh Mandavi
3.  Member    :            -- 8. Member :  Shri Nripendra Sharma
4.  Member    :  Prof. Veerbala Agrawal 9. Member  :  Dr. Rajendra Mohanti
5.  Member    :  Dr. Shahid Ali 11.  Member :  Dr.  Narendra Kumar Tripathi
  10.  Member Secretary  :  Dr.  Anand Shankar Bahadur  (Registrar)
Board of Studies  

Mass Communication


Advertising & Public Relations

1. Dr. Shahid Ali  (Chairman) 1. Shri Pankaj Nayan Pandey (Chairman) 1. Shri Ashutosh Mandavi (Chairman)
2. Prof.(Dr.) Dev Vrat Singh (Member) 2. Prof. (Dr.) Govind Singh (Member) 2. Prof. (Dr.) Pavitra Shivastawa (Member)
3. Prof. Govind Pandey (Member) 3. Dr. Nripendra Sharma (Member) 3. Dr. Manisha Sharma (Member)
4. Ku. A.V.D. Lalita (Member) 4. Ku. Nikita Sharma (Member) 4. Ku. Payal Mittal (Member)

Electronic Media


Social Work

1. Dr. Rajendra Mohanti (Chairman) 1. Dr. Narendra Kumar Tripathi (Chairman) 1. Dr. Shahid Ali  (Chairman)
2. Dr. Chandan Gupta (Member) 2. Prof. Avinash Bajpayee (Member) 2. Dr. Shaila Parveen (Member)
3. Dr. Sanjeev Gupta (Member) 3. Dr. Ashish Srivastava (Member) 3. Prof. Dr. S. V. S. Chauhan (Member)
4. Ku. Neha Kesharwani (Member) 4. Ku. Tanu Baghel (Member) 4. Shri Amit Raj (Member)
Vice Chancellor [Prof. Baldeo Bhai Sharma]
Phone- 91-771- 2779201      email-  
Registrar [Dr. Anand Shankar Bahadur]  
Phone- 91-771- 2779202      email-