University Established by Government of Chhattisgarh Vide Act 24 of  2004

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No. Course Ordinance  
1 Master of Journalism Ordinance No. 1[A]

2017-19      2018-20

2 Master of Mass Communication Ordinance No. 08 Syllabus
3 Master of Arts (Advertising & Public Relations)   Syllabus
4 Master of Social Work Ordinance No. 21 Syllabus
5 Master of Science in Electronic Media   Syllabus
6 Master of Business Administration (Media Management ) Ordinance No. 13 Syllabus
7 Master of Business Administration (Hospital Administration) Ordinance No. 44 Syllabus
8 Master of Business Administration (H R D) Ordinance No. 45 Syllabus
9 B A (Journalism & Mass Communication) ORDINANCE No. 1 [C] [Revised w.e.f. 2015-16] Syllabus
10 Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Ordinance No. 26 Syllabus
11 Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism Ordinance No. 10


12 Post Graduate Diploma in M H M Ordinance No.32